Welcome to O-Mei Wushu USA!

O-Mei Wushu USA is an authentic Chinese martial arts school founded by Sifu Luo Li located in Central Florida. Our classes and styles include (but are not limited to) Eagle Claw, Tiger, Snake, Weapons, Self Defense and Tai Chi.

Have I Seen Wushu?
Wushu has been made popular by Jet Li’s films and movies like Star Wars The Phantom Menace, The Matrix, and The Transporter.

“O-Mei” or “Emei”?
The word “O-Mei” in “O-Mei Wushu USA” can can also be spelled “Emei” due to the differences in Wade-Giles and Pinyin. Learn more.

Free Trial Period

Come try out O-Mei Wushu USA free for two weeks to see if it is a good fit for your martial arts goals. If you don’t feel that this training is for you at any point during the trial period, no worries, there are no strings attached.