Sanshou and Sparring

Sanshou is a term for sparring and is another way practitioners may compete. Sanshou is a full contact event in tournaments. Students are taught using basic exercises and techniques and then are introduced to sparring. This type of training requires and utilizes appropriate development stages for the safety of all participants.

Good and Responsible People
Our school does not endorse violence or acts of aggression. All fighting techniques are taught for self defense and to preserve the heritage of the art. O-Mei Wushu USA reserves the right of what to teach or not to teach any given student. If any student demonstrates a lack or responsibility, abuses wushu in any way, or has a known history of crime or violence they will not be taught sparring or self defense. In addition these students are subject to expulsion.

Safety First
Safety is the first and primary concern during class. Safety equipment is required and classes are always supervised.

High Quality Training
Sifu Luo Li learned and trained during a time when the emphasis on safety¬†wasn’t as high as it is now. It was common for minor injuries, bumps, and bruises to occur. He has sustained martial arts related injuries and knows how to avoid them. Safety became an emphasis later in his career, and more protection equipment became a requirement. He has also won several medals in Sanshou in the National Wushu Competition of the People’s Republic of China. He spent several years as martial arts professor at the Physical Education College of Chengdu, in Sichuan Province. All of these factors point to the quality of training at our school.