Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art that is practiced through gentle movement, relaxation, and controlled breathing. It is famous for the physical and mental conditioning of the practitioner at any age. It improves strength, balance, and coordination. It can also reduce the effects of stress and reduce high blood pressure. Tai Chi is, in a few ways, the opposite of most other types of exercise and martial arts. Skill doesn’t deteriorate because of age and doesn’t follow the formula of pain equals gain.

Tai Chi is also a formidable martial art and not just a meditative exercise. The fact that it survived China’s turbulent history demonstrates its effectiveness. Tai Chi translates into ‘Supreme Boxing’ or ‘Supreme Ultimate Boxing’. In Tai Chi fighting theory, the energy of the attacker is parried by becoming soft and absorbing the assault. A devastating counter strike is usually made simultaneously or just after the attack. Many experienced martial artists have reported that their strikes simply could not connect to the Tai Chi opponent. If they did connect, they had no effect. They also have reported the complete inability to hold, grab, or grapple a Tai Chi master during a match.

Tai Chi Classes cover:

  • Tai Chi basics
  • Yang Style 24 Form
  • Yang Style 40 Form
  • Four Styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun)
  • 42 Form
  • Tai Chi Sword
  • Push Hands

Push Hands
Push Hands is a game/exercise played between two practitioners. The goal is to make the other lose their balance or become entangled.