The O-Mei Style

O-Mei is one of three primary categories of Chinese martial arts (the others being Shaolin and Wudan). The O-Mei system is considered an “overlapping” style. It contains aspects of nothern and southern wushu styles and internal and external styles. The O-Mei region covers a vast portion of South Western China.

The signature style of our academy is the O-Mei Eagle Claw system. Many Chinese martial artsĀ  mimic the movements and tactics of animals. The name of the O-Mei style comes from the mountain where it originated.

We offer a complete system that includes both traditional and contemporary authentic Chinese martial arts. The distinction between traditional and comtemporary is the lineage. The term “traditional” refers to practices that were handed down from generation to generation. The term “contempory” refers to modern training practices and to the offical sport version, often refered to as the compulsory sets of wushu.

The Right Style
Whether your interest is for self-defense, competition, forms, sanshou (sparring), health or fitness, traditional or contemporary wushu, you will find the highest quality training at O-Mei Wushu USA.