Wushu Classes

Training With A Good Foundation:
Warm up, cardiovascular, stretching, and strength training exercises are taught in order to improve skill, stamina, strength, flexibility and overall health. All classes start with warm up and stretching exercises. Beginning students are taught a strong foundation in Chinese martial arts and exercises that will assist them throughout each stage of training development.

The majority of classes focus on perfecting forms for self improvement and competition. Forms are a series of choreographed shadowboxing movements that form a set. Forms improve coordination, concentration, cardiovascular stamina, physical strength, and grace. They encompass a wide spectrum of different types of movements:

  • Punching and kicking
  • Acrobatics, tumbling
  • High and low stances
  • Running and jumping

Weapons, Self Defense and Sparring
In addition, weapons forms and self defense techniques are included in wushu classes. Separate sparring classes are available.

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Styles of Wushu
Wushu consists of several styles and schools. The differences can be based on many different variables:

  • Difference based on region:
    • Northern styles focus on long range fighting techniques.
    • Southern styles emphasize close range fighting
  • Internal and External
    • Internal arts focus on building, manipulating, and improving the body’s energy. An example of an internal art is Tai Chi.
    • External arts focus on building the body’s strength and speed. An example of an external art is the Eagle Claw style.
  • Animals, Families, and Philosophy
    • Many of the more common styles are based on the movements and fighting techniques of animals, like Eagle Claw, Monkey, and Tiger.
    • Many styles are handed down generation by generation as a family tradition.
    • Some styles are based on philosophy. Baguazhang (8 Diagram Boxing) is based on the I-Ching. Jeet Kune Do is based on the philosophy of Bruce Lee.

Styles and forms available at O-mei Academy:
O-Mei Fist, Eagle Claw, Long Fist, South Fist, Drunken Fist, Snake, Tiger, Mantis, Dragon, Spear, Staff, Single Sword, Double Swords, Straight Sword, Broadsword, Kwandao, Cane, Sanshou (fighting), Chin Na (grappling and twisting), 2 & 3 Person Forms, and many more.